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Harry Horejda

Don Park

Nolan Shaheen

Al Daily

( ALL WOMENS) ( ADULT (18+) FIREARMS LICENSING COURSE WEEKEND. will be held in Moose jaw on Saturday Oct 26,2019 and Sunday Oct 27,2019. The courses will be conducted at the SSWA Indoor range and Learning Centre. Saturday Oct 26 will see an all women's CDN Firearms Safety course (CFSC). Successful completion of this 8 hr course will allow  the candidates to apply for their Non Restricted Canadian Firearms LIcense (PAL). On Sunday Oct 27 there will be an all women"s Canadian Restricted Firearms Safey Course CRFSC conducted. Successful completion of this 4-6 hr course will enable the women to apply for their Canadian Firearms License with Restricted Status (RPAL). This certification allows them to possess and acquire Restricted Handguns and specific rifles. Note: One must successfully have completed the Non-Restricted Course before one can take the Restricted Course.For more information on this all women's course weekend such as: Registration procedures, PAL appliction pickup, Loaner manual and study guide pickup, Course costs, etc, contact Course coordinator Harry at,306 693 1324.

information on course hours, Registration requirements, Fee payment (120.00 per course). and loaner manual pickup contact Course Coordinator: HW. Horejda 306 693 1324 or Enrolment is limited